Alkebu Child Development Program

We understand the vulnerability of children in modern society. from absentee parents to child labor, poor sanitation, exposure to drugs, child prostitution, and forced marriages, the modern-day child is faced with different kinds of threats to their growth. in this program, we develop children-related materials and equip children’s workers to minister to children effectively, by helping the children discover their god given gifts, and nurture those unique gifts and talents for the expansion of god’s kingdom.

the goal of our children’s program is to mould future generations in order to maximally exploit their abilities and talents for a healthy society. this is attained through strategic mentorship, networking, and practical tools that focus on empowering the young person deal to with diverse millennial challenges.

In this program, we train Sunday school teachers, youth workers, and pastors on how to evangelize communities through children’s and youth ministries. We also train children facilitators on how to effectively run children’s ministry and particularly a children’s community bible clubs, sharing the goodness of Jesus with children. how to communicate to different age groups, lesson planning, and how to develop their own curriculum. teaching life skills to pre-teens and teenagers, child protection, advocacy, and well-being. We organize children and youth community bible clubs.

  • The “He” Program
  • The “She” Program


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